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Schooner Lavengro sailing on Seattle's Lake Union

We turn strangers into shipmates

The Northwest Schooner Society facilitates training opportunities for sailors, boatwrights and educators who share our view that many of our maritime traditions offer useful insights and strategies for living in today's world. It is our belief that in life, as on a ship, we move forward by working together, by looking out for one another we promote our own safety and by understanding the environment we can harness its power for the betterment of all.

The Northwest Schooner Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organization, founded in 1994 to allow more people to experience the excitement and challenge of old-fashioned seamanship, twenty-four hours a day. Schooner Lavengro sailing on Seattle's Lake Union NWSS volunteers maintain, crew and teach sail craft aboard the Society's own schooner Lavengro as well as offering programming and training opportunities aboard the privately owned schooner Zodiac. Each spring NWSS works with the Schooner Zodiac to provide scholarships that allow high school students to learn the principles of sail propulsion and hull speed, navigation, environmental awareness, teamwork, and most importantly, self-esteem as they work with their shipmates, hauling sail to harness the elements.

NWSS operates almost entirely on the efforts of our volunteers and the donations of individuals who visit the schooner Lavengro during her many public appearances. We accept donations of vessels as well, boats can be restored and integrated into our fleet of historic ships. Profits from non-historic vessel sales go directly back into the NWSS programs.

The NWSS also accepts donations of other types of vessels- our volunteers have the ability to restore/repair and resell small, donated airplanes in order to raise funds for NWSS programs.


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